Friday, December 24, 2004


Chapter 14

The boy's papa could not believe that Dimitri would simply disappear from the bar like that, without so much as a comment. He knew that something was wrong. He had felt, the entire time, that today was going to be pretty screwed-up. Now he was sure.

The boy's papa went outside and noticed some tire tracks that were pretty tell-tale. They displayed too much use of power, like the rider was trying to make a quick getaway with a lot of extra weight on his bike. He knew this was what had happened to Dimitri. He called it an intuition.

The boy's papa knew that Dimitri was being taken to the woods. He tracked the tire trail out of the parking lot and soon he was at the dirt off-roads ramp that led off the major highway.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Chapter 13

Eustace K. Dobbs finally had things arranged the way he wanted. Dimitri Warnock, the famous guitar player, was in his trap-hole, and he was down there with a passel of kidnapped college girls. The girls knew full well who Dimitri was, but the situation was not erotic, as Eustace had expected it would be. In fact the captives were not acting erotic at all.

Eustace watched them for a full hour before growing angry. He stared and spat as the captives whined and begged for his mercy. Then he stood up and drank beer solidly for seven minutes.

When he was done, he had a new, separate idea. He would drive his truck into the hole at a high rate of speed. His truck was exactly the size of the hole so he would be sure to crush all of the people.

He got into his truck and backed it up a good fifty yards. In his mind he pictured a noose made out of a living snake. Then, he dropped acid.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Chapter 12

Eustace K. Dobbs pretended to talk on the telephone that was near the bathroom. He said phrases about how nice the weather was, and about how high the prices of things had gotten lately. Dimitri Warnock walked by, because he had some beer in him and the pressure on his bladder was intense. Soon Dimitri had walked into the bathroom and Eustace looked around to make sure nobody was watching.

Eustace ducked into the bathroom six seconds later. Six seconds is the amount of time it takes a man to really get into a good pee. He knew that Dimitri would be focused on the pleasure of his peeing sensation, and that he could have his way.

Soon Dimitri was down in the hole in the forest, a huge bruise on his forehead. There were women there.

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