Friday, December 10, 2004


Chapter 13

Eustace K. Dobbs finally had things arranged the way he wanted. Dimitri Warnock, the famous guitar player, was in his trap-hole, and he was down there with a passel of kidnapped college girls. The girls knew full well who Dimitri was, but the situation was not erotic, as Eustace had expected it would be. In fact the captives were not acting erotic at all.

Eustace watched them for a full hour before growing angry. He stared and spat as the captives whined and begged for his mercy. Then he stood up and drank beer solidly for seven minutes.

When he was done, he had a new, separate idea. He would drive his truck into the hole at a high rate of speed. His truck was exactly the size of the hole so he would be sure to crush all of the people.

He got into his truck and backed it up a good fifty yards. In his mind he pictured a noose made out of a living snake. Then, he dropped acid.

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