Monday, October 10, 2005


October Update for Book Friends' Club

It has been a treasure and a delight to understand the world of book publishing. I have learned many new things, and had many terrible moments as I put the finishing touches on A Wonderful Tale. The main thing I hate is computer screens which tell you one thing but then that thing is a Lie. Hence most of my book will be manually pasted up using good old hot wax technology and know-how. Caul, maintenance man at the high school, has let me make use of the out-dated equipment which no-one uses.

I am grateful to him.

I am pleased at my drawings. They are what is inside my head. I have been careful to draw them extremely slow, so each line is exactly what I see. You will notice this.

I want you to get this book at Christmas-time. Oh how the book will please you. Oh how the angels will dance. Oh how the people will sing.

Peter H. Cropes

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