Friday, April 01, 2005


Chapter 16

The boy's papa slid carefully under the truck as its engine screamed. He had good knowledge of motors and knew where to cut the fuel line. Soon the scream of the engine died down like a pony that has been shot in the heart and starts to accept that it is passing from this earth.

He found a gun under some leaves nearby, and pointed it at the truck as he slowly advanced.

"I don't want to shoot you," he said. "I don't wait to shoot you in the brain."

The man in the truck said nothing. The boy's papa did not know that he was peaking on his acid trip.

"...But I will shoot you," he continued, "if you don't get out of that truck."

From down in the hole many of the girls screamed that they wanted help. But he knew that the best help he could give them was to subdue their captor.

Eustace peered out the window and to his high mind the boy's papa looked like he was a Chinese waiter holding a delicious tray of spiced, steaming won tons. In his mind he thought he stayed in the truck and told the man to bring him the won tons, but in reality he got out of the truck and advanced on the boy's papa.

The boy's papa was surprised to see the man wearing a police officer's uniform. But something wasn't right: the uniform was far too large for his frame. He knew right away that this cop was spurious.

His finger tightened on the trigger of the gun.

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