Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A good sun-caught perch.

When I was a boy, it was always a good day when we could land a few sun-caught perch down at the ox mine sinkhole. Daddy would smack them across the head with his old special Carter wrench, and fillet them quicker than they could die. I remember good fish so fresh the fin on the side was still risin' up and down in the pan. We fried them in honest butter and put lemon alongside, that was meal enough for us.

Yet here I see on Food Television that a woman named Rachael Ray has claimed that perch is low, and says to get a fish by the name of "ahi" instead. Ahi looks red and wicked, like a steak cut from a man's thigh. It is said to cost great sums, much greater than meat. I don't like this woman, and I understand she lives in the woods. Well, I know woods. I see she has dogs. Well, dogs are of low persuasion and easily distracted by sulfured eggs.

Maybe next time she goes on television, she won't have the same low opinion of simple sun-caught perch.

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