Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I cooked a TV Dinner.

Call me low, but I do enjoy a good old-fashioned TV Dinner. I cooked one tonight, while Pat was away with his new fellow. Guess I'm going to be doing a lot of cooking on my own for at least a while. That is good, I can get by. I can turn on an oven with the best of them, I like to kid.

Tonight's dinner was a Swanson Hungry Man Classic Fried Chicken dinner. It was on sale at the Bell, two for one, and to wash it down I chose good, cold milk. Oh how my meal was fine. The lengthy cooking time was a temptation of agony, but at last I could peel the cover off and eat. Oh how I dined. Oh how salty the meat, how perfect the mashed potato compartment with its yellow area where the picture-perfect square of margarine had melted. The corn I did not care for. Oh how sweet and sticky the delicious berry crumb dessert. And I have one left.

I am only worried at my insatiate behavior after I finished the meal. I was in a salt-lust and ate an entire jar of peanuts. I will walk for a few hours, and drink orange juice, to help break down the nuts. The walking will help rock the sea in my stomach and erode the food into a fine, fine sand.

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