Monday, March 19, 2007


I have been on a Book Tour.

Oh this was not the fancy kind of Book Tour with plane tickets and gleeful "paparazzi" and a smiling greeter at the airport. It was more of a tour of my own design. Late one night, while rifling, I was able to find the addresses of every customer who had purchased my books through Achewood, and after a fashion I was able to copy them down into a list. It took a good many hours, but fortunately rain was coming so everyone slept soundly as I did my work.

After that I plotted them all on free maps from the American Automobile Association, and fueled up the van. I watched through many windows as my customers read my books, and I have to say the results weren't half bad. It pleased me to see that folks generally were respectful while reading, and only one fellow shook his head at the end. We talked about that, he and I (in my mind). Since he had given money for the book, I had no claim over him, but all the same I did feel that his after-act of painful criticism justified the fire I set while he slept. That was my, "criticism," of him, if you will.

There were many long, hard nights on the road, but I believe I did visit all of you. I have to say that some of the college campuses are awful hard to navigate, and that made me angry, but I was pleased to see about the shared showers in many places. It kept my mind alive on the long roads between. The drain grates were enormous, and the water pressure superb.

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