Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Plum season is almost here

Oh but how fine is plum season. Ripe delicious plums are such a treat. Their flesh is almost like a jelly when the ripening is complete, almost clear and oh how sweet. For dessert a plum is finer than any meat.

This brings me to a good question. How does any one know when words are a poem vs. a paragraph? Is it only to do with hitting the RETURN key at surprising times? I have looked at many poems, and that is my only guess. As far as I can tell from looking through MAX BAERSON'S EXPANDED MODERN POETRY ANTHOLOGY I may be the first man to write his rhymes in paragraph form. I looked and flipped and read through the pages and as I continued to fail to find paragraph poems my excitement grew. Soon it was at a pitch, and I realized I had made a great breakthrough. I type this here now because Pat tells me that "Google" (a massive computer two stories high and then some) records everything that is put on the Internet, with a time stamp to prove you wrote it first.

As far as I know this is a free automatic service but just to be sure I will attempt to summon the Google computer:

Hello Google
Please read my words Google
Computer Computer Google
Who invented you Google
You beautiful thing

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