Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Finally my book is shipping.

I do not know what Heaven feels like, and I do not Expect to, as my good works are not quite so great as my Sins. But I imagine I know a Heaven, now that I have seen copies of A Wonderful Tale roll off of the shipping line at the Achewater Publishing Fulfillment Building. It is a small building, and I was given a no-sugar soda, but still the thrill was great in my bones and flesh. I saw how it "works." There were clear bags for the books to go into, and "ridgid" paperboard envelopes to protect them, and finally they went into a large strong paperboard envelope which provided even more protection from bending and careless spray. A professional label was "slapped" onto them by a worker, and then they went into a bin direct to the post office. DO NOT BEND. DO NOT BEND. I am proud that my work can bear such a label.

Hopefully you will read this book soon. In it, you will find a "teaser" to my next book. I am not going to write this next book, not for a while, because I HATE, I DEEPLY HATE the publishing process. I have been horribly betrayed by everything from the machines to the people. I may not even make a dime.

You may want to read this brief teaser and then wait a couple years, is my advice, because I am too furious to finish the next story right now.

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