Thursday, March 30, 2006


Book very close to reality.

My publisher, Chris, had to talk with his printer this week about the finer details of the book production process. He had to negotiate, and at times he made large decisions. I know he talked about saddle-stitching, and scoring, and many other complicated printing concepts, such as resolution. Resolution is not what you would think. It is a quantity of dots, and my work does not have enough dots. Much of it is not even "half-tone," and if that is a slur on my heritage or mind I will cut and I will carry.

But if "half-tone" is in fact an honest term of the trade then I will try to make it right, or full-tone. If that can be done with what I have made. I know I am not a real writer, but paper is paper and all men should have access.

I hate making this book, but in hate the mind is new.

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