Saturday, February 25, 2006


A second car.

Chris Onstad says we may publish my book, A Wonderful Tale, very soon. Apparently he had quite a few irons in the fire but now things have calmed down a bit and he has got his mind back.

When we do finally get the book out into the public I have considered that I will get a second car, a Sports car. My van is all I need but I understand that to make certain impressions upon meeting with reviewers, columnists, and screenplay-adapters, a Sports car is desirable.

Good thing for me that while out on a walk recently I saw a great Sports car for sale. It seats two, and has very fast lines. I will approach this person about the title and registration. If everything is good and the sales of the book have gone well, I will get it. I will tell you more then.

Here is a photograph of it:

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