Saturday, January 07, 2006


You may ask where I am.

I will tell you. Just at the last minute, after Chris (of the "Achewood" company) agreed to publish and support my book, it was time for me to make my annual migration to the hidden hot springs in Saline Valley, which if you do not know is near Death Valley. We have a good community there and every year at Christmas I go there to see Lee, Wizard, Chili Bob, and the rest of our people. I guess most folks know it as the valley where Charlie Manson holed up with his family, but it really is well known for much more than that. You can get most tires repaired there (by Lee), you can still go quartz hunting up at the Blue Monster mine, and Wizard will let whites play horseshoes at his personal pit outside his RV. There is also some talk that Chili Bob wants to be in National Geographic.

I am back now, and I decided to edit a couple ideas in my book. Do not worry though. Once I figure out how to re-lay it up so that it staples properly and in order, the book is pretty much done. Then I will tell Chris ("Achewood") that it is time to sell it to you.

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