Thursday, December 22, 2005


A last-ditch publisher.

At long last I realized that I would need a distributor for my self-published book, because for all the world you will not sell a completed book unless you have a distributor. I originally envisioned hitting the bricks with my book, setting up card tables along public sidewalks and inside restaurants, but after some talking it seems one cannot operate that way in California.

I will sell A WONDERFUL TALE exclusively through Achewood (Achewood is a modern-day chronicler of small ideas and filth, if you really must know), and in January of 2006 my work will finally have a sales-home on the world-wide web. Knowing what I do about publishing, I asked about the accommodations for book tours. Chris O., the main employee of Achewood, said they would share fuel expenses based on mileage reports. To me this seems only fair. His handshake is good and to me that is the mark of a man.

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