Thursday, June 23, 2005


The ending to my book.

Hello. This is a message from Peter Cropes, the author of this book which you are reading. I do not know if you have been enjoying this book so far, but I hope so. I want to share with you some late-breaking announcements regarding this book.

As you know, the book is not complete. There is still a lot left to happen, to work itself out. Interestingly, though, in some of my dealings with various Internet people I have found a publisher. I will be releasing the next several chapters of this book, including a lot of illustrations by me, and also including all the existing chapters of this book, in the Fall. It will be my complete book, with illustrations, with all the chapters in order.

If you get this book in its hard-copy form you will know how all the characters look, and also how the book ends. The book will be called A Wonderful Tale, and you can ask for it by name wherever daring books are sold.

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