Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Chapter 18

An older man stood at the edge of the clearing, watching the terrible circumstances unfold. He was a good, simple country man, and he watched the situation through good country eyes.

Eustace K. Dobbs had hypnotized the boy's papa with the famous holiday song, and came near to him fixing to wring his neck with his crazy hands. The boy's papa's gun hung in his hand at his side, forgotten.

Just as Eustace lifted his arms to commit the gruesome deed, the older man stepped forward onto the crunchy leaves. Eustace froze in his tracks as the man began to sing in perfect tone,

Hey did diddle
The piggy's in the middle
The farmer grabs the bucket
The knife goes down the middle

Hey dad daddle
The farmer grabs the paddle
The cows drink up the pig's blood
While the paddle kills the cattle

Hey dud duddle
They all lay in a puddle
The farmer's wife is laughing
As all the corpses cuddle

That is what did it, the secret third verse. Eustace's father had never included that third verse in his famous song, and had never sung it to anyone besides his son.

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