Monday, February 21, 2005


Chapter 15

To look into the mind of Eustace K. Dobbs was to look into the barrel of a gun. He had wanted Dimitri Warnock and the girls trapped in the hole to have a crazy sex orgy, because in his mind this would finally show his dead papa that his failed son had done some good.

Now, high on acid, he revved the engine of his old pickup truck and planned on crushing the mock orgy to death. Because acid is an extremely unpredictable drug, however, he simply stayed there in neutral, with his foot pressed down all the way on the accelerator, the engine screaming at a terrible RPM for several hours as the smoke from the burning crankcase oil rose into the air.

The boy's papa saw the smoke, and knew something was wrong. He carefully drove closer to the plume, and then took in the situation. In an instant, he knew what to do.

He pulled the handmade knife from his belt loop and crawled carefully toward Eustace Dobbs's truck.

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