Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Chapter 11: Eustace K. Dobbs

Eustace K. Dobbs had grown up a wealthy boy in nearby Susquahota county, the son of a successful singer and musician. Early parts of his life included trips to Europe on a magnificent ship, and bow and arrow lessons in France. However, he was not raised well. His father always wanted him to be a successful singer and musician like him. Oh how he would try to please his dad, but he had a "tin ear" and could not carry a tune. In the end he failed his dad, and his dad died a man who had been failed by his only son. The weight of this was too much to bear.

As a result, Eustace K. Dobbs was a broken-minded man, and he lived in a world of broken ideas.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Chapter 10

Dimitri Warnock and the boy's papa laughed as they remembered their fishing experiences from earlier in the afternoon. They sat at the counter of the Rawhide bar, a tough bar not too far from the lake. They had golden, crisp beers and they snapped the provided peanuts open as snacks.

A shady figure sat at the far end of the bar, unseen by them. It was Eustace K. Dobbs. He wore a false outfit and there was malice in his heart.

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